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Reverence vs Revenge.. how do we support collective Revelation?

Reverence vs Revenge.. how do we support collective Revelation? 06 >>> STRENGTH <<< Integrations and Updates from Carrie Mae Rose​ Hello Reader, Happy January! I seem to have more questions than answers these days. Today I am inspired to share a bit of my perspective & examples of reverence and...
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16 days ago • 7 min read


Hello Reader, Holiday season is upon us. Hope you are able to find moments of peace and celebration amidst the chaos. The shortest days of the year are just past in this Northern hemisphere of Spaceship Earth. A time to go within, into the the shadows and darkness to find the inner light. On...
about 1 month ago • 7 min read

Amazing Grace and my Momma Jean… the love runs deep!

Hello Reader, Story Time. I am not a very good singer. I can’t really hold a melody and I don’t know many notes or even what is sharp and what is in key. I know that the lyrics and melody of the song Amazing Grace moves me. For a few decades now this song has been one of my favorites. Years...
3 months ago • 8 min read

Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. - MLK

Hello Reader, I recently had an aha moment that if my 26 year old self attended an art talk given by my current 47 year old self, she would think I was pretty stellar. The best (and truly the only) measuring stick I can use is myself now to my earlier self. I use to be prey to compare and despair...
4 months ago • 5 min read

Why is pain an axiom for growth?

Hello Reader, Fall is here! Everything is dying! Well, at least all the outside things are in various stages of dying here in this part of Northern Arizona's altitude :) I LOVE the changing colors and crispness and it also brings melancholy and certain body memories. “We don't see the world as it...
4 months ago • 8 min read

How do you transform your rage into beauty?

Hello Reader, In July I felt deep shock as I read an article and watched this docu series where I learned that Les Wexner, the founder of Victoria's Secret, was the biggest funder of Jeffrey Epstein. As a teenager growing up in small town Ohio, the shopping mall was the main influence that...
5 months ago • 3 min read